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Our Mandate

Promote the inclusion and socio-professional retention of First Nations and Inuit in the Quebec job market.

The Advisory Committee has in-depth knowledge of the constraints and needs of First Nations and Inuit people at risk of underemployment. As a privileged interlocutor, it formulates opinions and proposals aimed at improving their socio-economic conditions and their path to employability.

Our Mission

The Advisory Committee plays a key role in promoting the interests of First Nations and Inuit people who are far from the labour market. Through its opinions and proposals, it facilitates their advancement, integration, reintegration or retention in the workforce.

Targeted advice and proposals

This clientele needs specific, targeted interventions from public employment services or social solidarity services, considering their personal situation, the obstacles and limitations they face, their social condition, the requirements of the job market and the resources available. The advisory committee can thus :

  • Disseminate an updated portrait of the employability situation of FNIs; 
  • Produce advice relevant to the inclusion and retention of Aboriginal people in employment;
  • Promote employability services offered to First Nations and Inuit;
  • Stimulate collaboration between sectoral workforce committees, Service Québec regional offices, CRPMTs and other organizations and ministries involved in Aboriginal employment development; 
  • Maximize mutual knowledge for the benefit of the integration of FNIs into the labor market and in response to the labor needs of the various sectors;
  • Promote evolving employment sectors and professions of the future for FNIs; 
  • Promote and enhance the integration of FNI workers into the job market;
  • Propose new courses of action, strategies and initiatives to be tested or implemented in the fields of labor and employment.
  • Identify sub-groups requiring priority assistance from public employment services, based on their specific issues.
  • Participate in the monitoring and evaluation of the intervention methods used.


FNILMAC works closely with the Commission des partenaires du marché du travail, the Ministère de l’Emploi et de la Solidarité sociale, and Services-Québec. The opinions and proposals it draft and publishes are directly related to the mission and responsibilities of these three major organizations.

What’s more, by virtue of its composition, the FNILMAC is a committee bringing together several large organizations that share similar missions and responsibilities, always in line with the professional success, fulfillment and self-determination of First Nations and Inuit.

Our Values


Act honestly, transparently and ethically in all interactions, decisions, proposals and opinions, while respecting First Nations and Inuit culture, traditional values and customs.


Promote inclusion through equal opportunity in the integration and retention of First Nations and Inuit people in the workforce.


Work in partnership with other Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal organizations, governments and other stakeholders to achieve our common goals of professional achievement for First Nations and Inuit people.


Encourage innovation and adaptation to change in order to meet the challenges of the job market and propose creative solutions adapted to the diverse realities of First Nations and Inuit communities throughout the province of Quebec.


Promote the autonomy and self-determination of First Nations and Inuit people in matters of employment and career development by ensuring the support of communities by labor market players.