Algonquin Nation - HRSD
6 Kateri Street, Timiskaming First Nation
Notre Dame du Nord, QC. J0Z 3B0

First Nations and Inuit
Labour Market Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee is fully aware of the constraints and needs of the at-risk underemployed individuals and are therefore better placed to provide notices and recommendations to the CPMT, the Ministère de l’Emploi et de la Solidarité sociale et l’Agence Emploi-Québec regarding measures and services to provide or develop so that this clientele can improve their status and employability to gain access to and sustain employment. These notices are well within the mission and responsibilities of these three major organizations.

The Advisory Committee is also the spokesperson for promoting the interests of their First Nation and Inuit clients who are isolated from the labour market and for supporting their employment, their integration, reintegration or sustainability through notices and recommendations. This specific clientele requires public employment services, intervention or social solidarity services due to their personal situation regarding the labour market, the existence of obstacles or limitations, the social condition of the individual, the requirements and conditions of the labour market, the individul’s social development, the available resources and the accompaniment necessary to reintegrate the labour market. In this respect, the committee can:

➢ Propose new action pathways, strategies, attempt or implement initiatives in the various manpower and employment areas

➢ Propose sub-groups requiring the assistance of the public employment services according to their issues

➢ Participate in the follow-up and evaluation of the various intervention methods utilized.


The Advisory Committee’s status is similar to that of a group of partners who are interested in debating issues that are of concern to them.


The members of the Advisory Committee have elected a president who will lead the discussions, see to the good conduct of the meetings, authenticate the notices and recommendations submitted to the Commission and all other documents requiring an official signature and evaluate the performance of staff members hired by the committee. The president is authorized to represent the Advisory Committee at all partnership levels.


The CPMT delegates, as its representative, the department heads responsible for sector intervention within the advisory committees, mandated to establish administrative guidelines related to funding and annual accountability reports. The representative is a non-voting ex-officio member of the Advisory Committee whose role is to:

➢ Assist and support the committee in its operations, management and realization of its mandate in accordance with the agreement between the Commission and the Advisory Committee.

➢ Communicate with the committee on all information pertaining to the orientations, policies, strategies, measures and services under the authority of the Commission, the Ministère de l’Emploi et de la Solidarité sociale and l’Agence Emploi-Québec.

➢ Follow-up on all the decisions taken regarding the notices and proposals originating from the Committee.

➢ Organize, if necessary, meetings with the different stakeholders of the Commission, the Ministère del’Emploi et de la Solidarité sociale and l’Agence Emploi-Québecand other interested groups