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6 Kateri Street, Timiskaming First Nation
Notre Dame du Nord, QC. J0Z 3B0

Comité consultatif des Premières Nations et des Inuit relatif au marché du travail
The First Nations Adult Education School Council   
l'Institut Culturel et Éducatif Montagnais

Madame Rola Helou

General Director

Created by First Nations for First Nations


To provide the necessary leadership for the implementation and operations of the First Nation Regional and Local Adult Education Centers of Quebec. The FNAESC is committed to providing high quality adult learning environments that focus on culturally relevant student-centered learning in a safe and healthy environment that reflects the values of First Nations and allows the students to gain the necessary knowledge and skills required for their future educational endeavours and employment.


The 1992 Pathways to Success program led the Assembly of First Nations of Québec and Labrador (AFNQL) to create the First Nations Human Resources Development Commission of Québec (FNHRDCQ) in 1996. The FNHRDCQ’s mission was, and still is, to develop employment and capacity among adults in First Nations communities throughout Québec . The 29 communities served by the FNHRDCQ expressed concerns regarding the educational needs of their clients, who were frequently unable to access employment given the employers’ educational requirements. As such, communities encouraged their clients to obtain their high school diploma through adult education services offered at provincial school boards.


Services offered:

• Literacy
• Presecondary
• Secondary to obtain a High School Diploma (DES)
• Indigenous language classes
• Classes on the history and culture of the nation where the RAEC is situated
• Upgrading to enter into CEGEP
• Prerequisites to enter into vocational training
• Preparation to enter the work force
• DES -6: if you are missing only 6 credits to enter into CEGEP – we can help you
• SARCA services (Welcoming, referral, counseling and accompaniment)
• Personalized and individualized pedagogical support services
• Entrepreneurship Program
• Semi-skilled trade certification
• Small Indigenous cohorts in vocational training
• Made-to-measure training to meet communities’ needs

To find out more:
Tel: 450-638-4171