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Comité consultatif des Premières Nations et des Inuit relatif au marché du travail
Institut Tshakapesh                  
l'Institut Culturel et Éducatif Montagnais

Joëlle Gagné

Human Ressource Director
For over 30 years, the Institut Culturel et Éducatif Montagnais has served eight Innu communities of approximately 10,000 inhabitants that are located on the North Shore and Lower North Shore.


“To help preserve the Innu language and encourage language development, conserve and promote the cultural heritage without detracting from the Montagnais Art form…”

“Language is the main tool that enriches culture; it also receives, shares and transmits generational knowledge. Our native language is the key to our identity and the guardian of our culture”.

The education department of the ICEM provides pedagogical and administrative support to all the Innu school principals through discussions and training.

The education department manages a variety of programs and ensures that projects presented by the schools personnel meet the following objectives: promotes school success of the Innu students, gets the parents involved in their child’s education and facilitates the professional development of its teachers.